Stand by Generator:

Number : 01 (one).

Capacity: As per requirement.

Power requirement Calculation on the basis of-

1. Two emergency lights & two fans for each apartment.

2. Lift.

3. Water pump.

4. Intercom service.

5. Lobby, stairs light.

6. Guard room.

7. Reception & Car parking areas.

8. Fast and Reliable service & carry manufacturers

Warranty for Generator.


1. Number:  1 (one).

2. Capacity: 480 Kg. (6 Persons).

3. Fast & reliable service and carry manufactures warranty for lift.


Water Pump:

1. Water lifting pump 2 (Two) numbers (One Stand by) connected with roof top water Tank.       

2. Origin: Pedrollo.



1. Provision for Intercom system to connect each apartment from the reception desk and from the Guard Post.                     

2. Satellite: Provision for satellite dish / TV antenna system in Master bed room, & Living room.

3. Telephone: Telephone connection points in Master bed room & Living room.


Roof top:

1. Rooftop with parapet wall. Height 3’-6”.

2. Provision for G.I. wire straining for drying clothes.

3. Management office.


Ground floor plan:

1. Driver’s waiting room and bathroom.

2. Generator & sub-station room.

3. Lift, Lobby, Guard post will be provided in the ground floor.



1. Tiles (RAK/equivalent) in all rooms and space.

2. Stairs & Lobby with Tiles (RAK/equivalent).



1. Outside walls are plastered 5” brickwork.

2. All interior walls are also plastered 5” brickwork.




Main Door-

Solid well seasoned decorative machine made Malaysian or equivalent Main Entrance Door with chains, spy Holes, calling bell switch, apartments no in brass Plate, doors handle with security  lock etc. (all company standard).


Internal Door-

All Internal doors will be of veneered flash door.


Bathroom Doors-

Plastic Door for all bathrooms.


Door Frame:

All door frame 5.5”x 2.5” MEHGANI or equivalent solid wood.



1. Sliding windows with 5mm tinted glass 4”silver section completed with-

2. Mohair Lining

3. Rain Water barrier in.

4. Thai aluminum section.


Structural features:

1. Structural Design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI)/BNBC. And American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) Codes.

2. The building Structures will be designed to withstand earthquake tremor up to 7.0 on Richter Scale and wind velocity up to 210 km/hour.

3. Building foundation on R.C.C footing pile on the basis of sub-soil investigation report.

4. Reinforced cement concrete floor slabs.

5. Lime terracing for temperature treatment on roof.


Major Structural Materials:

1. Steel: (Foundation, Column) Grade Beam, Floor Beam, 60 grade Deformed/Tore steel

2. Steel: (Roof, Floor and Others) 40 grade Deformed Bar.

3. Stone: Used For Foundation & Column.

4. Cement: Holcim/Premier/Lafarge Surma or equivalent local brand Cement.

5. Brick Chips: 1st Class Picket.

6. Sand: Sylhet and Local Sand. F.M-2.0 (Combined).

7. Brick: 1st Class Bangla Brick.


Electrical Features:

1. Good quality TCL/ABB Singapore/Malaysian or equivalent switches, sockets, TV and Telephone jacks,

2. Circuit breakers, plug points, etc.

3. Electrical sub-distribution board with control devices for each apartment.

4. Concealed electric wiring.

5. Independent Electric Meter for each apartment.

6. Concealed dish antenna lines in living room & master bed.

7. Telephone lines in living room & master bed.

8. One intercom connection point with guard post from each apartment.

9. Concealed fan hook.

10. Provision for Air conditioner in all bed room & Drawing room.

11. Emergency electricity connection in lift, pumps, lobby, intercom service, car parking area, reception area, security room and main gate, two emergency lights, and two fan points for each apartment.

12. All power outlet with earthing connection.


Painting And Polishing:

1. In side of the building wall & ceiling will be colored with high quality (Berger or equivalent) plastic paint.

2. All bathroom ceilings will be painted with enamel paint to match with the tiles.

3. Weather coated paint will be used on all exterior walls.

4. Main door, internal doors, false ceiling doors will be quality polished.

5. All window grills will be painted by enamel paint (Romana).


Utility Lines (Water+ Sewerage):

1. Sewerage line will be connected to WASA.

2. Underground water Reservoir capacity would be as per requirement.

3. Overhead tank will be of R.C.C Water tank of adequate size.

4. Water supply will be with G.I pipes, sewerage and wastewater of PVC Pipe.

5. Rain water and vent of PVC pipes.



1. All gas lines will be concealed.

2. Gas pipelines connection from Titas Gas Distribution system.

3. All apartments will have separate gas connection with separate meters.



Items specified in this brochure will be supplied as per market availability. In case of non-availability or shortage of supply of any specified item(s) equivalent item will be supplied.



Kitchen & Bathroom Features:



1. Designed platform with Homogenous tiles top (RAK/equivalent).

2. Provision for double burner gas out let.

3. Partly tiles up to 2’-6” height from the work top in the kitchen wall. (Matching glass tiles RAK/equivalent).

4.  Provision for exhaust fan.

5.  One stainless steel (32”) sink (Malaysian brand).

6.  Floor covered with tiles (wall matching).




Master Bathroom

1. All sanitary ware (Commode, Basin etc.) of best quality (RAK/equivalent) will be provided.

2. All fittings are of NAZMA/SHARIF or equivalent company brand.

3. Provision for Hot and Cold Water line.

4. Lines for using geyser (For hot water).

5. Glazed wall tiles (RAK/equivalent) full height and non-slip floor tiles.

6. Provisions for exhaust fan.


Child & Guest Bathroom

1. All sanitary ware (Commode, Basin etc.) of best quality (RAK/equivalent) will be provided.

2. All fittings are of NAZMA/SHARIF or equivalent company brand.

3. Provision for Hot and Cold Water line.

4. Glazed wall tiles (RAK/equivalent) full height and non-slip floor tiles.

5. Provisions for exhaust fan. Servant Bathroom



Servant Bathroom

1. All Sanitary ware (Long pan, Basin etc.) of best quality (RAK/BISF) will be provided.

2. All fittings of Local best quality.

3. Glazed wall tiles (RAK/equivalent) full height and non-slip floor tiles.

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